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Monday, May 4, 2009


Education is one of the capital base that is absolutely owned by a leadership in the conduct of government. Level of education sufficient for a government will be the size of stability and prosperity of society.
How the government created a situation conducive to the education in the country, a major responsibility of government must be ascertained.
Political Education
Once the importance of education for the holders of power, the image of the ruler to create awareness in the education ranah always built. Later it began to make the image appear with the award as the increase of welfare of teachers. In the current era of government, the government pencitraan of education can be seen from several strategic policy. Policy for the issuance of law teachers and lecturers, the education budget 20%, digulirkannya Board of Legal Education and the policy of national exams.
Laws that emphasize the professionalism of educators to give this wind a paradise for the professional education of primary teachers and lecturers. The government will provide a one-time payments of base salary for teachers who have passed the certification. Policy of a budget of 20% is a must because the pressure comes from outside the constitutional court. In this position the government should try mencitrakan themselves to obey the decision, and determine the policies that are targeted. While the policy of the Board of Legal Education may not be as much disagreement. One side of the world of education have any legality feel the other side of law but can cause tolerance commercialization of education. This is very harmful for certain people who may not have been able to feel the cool air to the education level of secondary education especially higher education.
While the policy for the National Examination still well established, each year there are certain changes in the Standard Operational Procedure (POS), from the determination of the number of limit values, type of subjects as well as independent teams.
Education Politics
Political education as an effort to create the image of self-government in education ranah indeed is a political education for the stakeholders of education. Whatever be the government policy in education is a political learning. Elements of education into constituents, a strategic asset for the government and political parties in power. Not a political voice is not possible from a number of teachers and lecturers as teachers and educators kependidikan akan terangkut seizing leadership of the government in the future. Therefore for our politicians and the government in power will give a positive impression and the value of teachers and lecturers to take heart, motivate the spirit, and fulfill the promise to promote education to be effective instruments of education is also political yag sharpshooter.


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