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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Increasing The Welfare of Teachers

Teacher is a profession that may be less in the new order-time, and in the new period after the period ORBA President Abdurrahman Wahid and President Megawati began teaching profession to be a bit more. At the very government that it is picked up the teaching profession is the welfare of President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono set in namely the increase in welfare benefits through the teachers' professional certification of teachers who realized in the most allowances 1 times base salary. "The government is very serious to improve the welfare of teachers and" the President said at an event, in December 2008.
Government's seriousness, the more the president, realized with the teacher as a Determination profession on 2 December 2004 forwarded to the Law on Teachers and Lecturers in the year 2005, PP 47 / 2008 on Education Funding and regulation 48 of the year 2008 Compulsory Education in the year 2008.
President Susilo BY commitment that will improve teachers' welfare, and have been followed up by related institutions. In some instances, the Minister of National Education (Education) Prof.Dr.H. Bambang Sudibyo says the government will try as closely as possible to the policy that teachers' salaries at least Rp. 2 .000.000,00 start of 2009.
Policy is a part on the realization of the government's commitment to improve the welfare of teachers in accordance with Indonesian law amanah number 14 in 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers. Teachers according to the Education Welfare is a government priority in the allocation of increased financial budget, total education budget of Rp. 224.4 trillion, as much as 134.8 trillion of which is allocated for education beyond the salary of educators and education service.
The increase in welfare will be equivalent to the promised land other teachers
Hopefully with the increase in the welfare of teachers will also improve the quality of teachers and ultimately the quality of education and the output of our education system will increase. With high quality education that will improve the system of government participated in a smart, high technology, clean and authoritative.


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