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Friday, May 22, 2009

Education Free (Maybe Not)

Budget School Operational Assistance (BOS) has been raised. In addition to the exemption of education (SPP), the school also may not collect the operational cost and investment that is often referred to money or money of the building, he said the Government obligations. For schools that are still allowed to be given sanctions according to Law Officer from reprimand to dismissal (Tempointeraktif.Com).
The BOS per student this year for primary schools in the District before the ride is Rp. 254,000.00 now. Rp. 397,000.00, the city of Rp. 400,000.00 or approximately Rp. 33,000.00 / student / month, plus more with the help of education (CPP) IDR. 13,000.00 / student / month, so total is Rp. 46,000.00 / student / month. Junior high schools in the district seleum ride is Rp. Rp 354,000.00 now. Rp. 570,000.00, the city of Rp. 575,000.00 or Rp. 80,900.00 / student / month from a combination of the BOS and the CPP.
Once calculated by the school principal what the cost should be financed and some factor, the primary operational unit cost only Rp. 36,000.00 / student / junior high school days while Rp. 70,000.00 / student / month. So there is still remaining Rp. 10,000.00 / student / month for SD Rp. 10,800.00 / student / month. For junior high school.
But the question why many areas that have not yet even ready to ask for the grace period is also later in 2010 or 2011? With various reasons ranging from the number of students can not afford, the cost ideks students, the school survey, rich and poor and the classical problem, the problem of funding, because the budget has not been sufficient. The reason for that is because there is a fund BOS and CPP is able to cover only the cost of the two earlier even more. Hence there is no more reason for schools not able to hold free school, it is expected an active role in public education.


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