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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Indonesia has a large debt?

Indonesia is a great country, has a very wide area spread from Sabang to Merauke. Have a huge population of 200 million people with more dominance residence on the islands such as Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Bali Sulawesi and Papua. Many Indonesians who work as farmers so that Indonesia is known as the State agricultural. Once the fertile land of Indonesia, even during the years of farming in Indonesia may be in accordance with the planting season that is. Before Indonesian independence, the earth's population will be taken by the colonial government or the colonists. Indonesia had several times in jajah by State - European countries including Portugal, Netherlands and Japan. So when the Indonesian people suffered under the authority of another country. Indonesia now has 64 years of independence but the independence that is only felt by the group in a specific population /. Perhaps the general has independent status in both de facto and de yure but in reality all that has not been able to touch people in a holistic way. Independence is as if in kuasai by certain people who may be able to achieve with the current capital strength for those who do not have any capital will be the people who have weak or labor. So where location independence is there a purpose to improve the welfare for all people of Indonesia? if only the welfare of a particular community? It is the obligation of the government to arrange more conditions we state that it is impartial and not berkeadilan democracy. Many Indonesian people are not yet know how the system run by the Indonesian government in the field of good political, economic and financial state. Throughout the Indonesian independence, the people of middle shore down into this economic state. They were the top people, from entrepreneurs (conglomerates), bureaucrats and politicians can only act as a eksploitir advantage of the wealth and natural resources. Community down the middle especially the oppressed (the poor) is very little benefit that, even participated in a lot of poor people bear the burden on the authority of the profits. How much debt at this time to indonesia? If poor people in Indonesia know about them very angry. Debt is so large to reach 500 trillion should be more responsibility on the people of Indonesia, which they do not feel. How bureaucratic attitude that has made India as the country in debt?


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