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Saturday, May 23, 2009

No fixed welfare Teachers (Non-PNS)

"Teacher as a hero without decoration" is just a predicate sweet but not heard in accordance with the welfare received by teachers wiyata Bhakti or teacher does not remain. While the government is not in the maximum attention to the fate of teachers are not fixed, unlike the fate of teacher civil servants (PNS) which has a standard salary is more than enough especially for those who already have a professional certificate. The government should immediately consider the fate of non-permanent teachers, welfare and good dri desire to become civil servants.
Low received honorariums for teachers, especially teachers in the private sector hinterland indeed get to be the government's attention, both teachers who are on the patronage of the education office (disdik) and Ministry of Religious Affairs (of the Ministry).
Conditions that are very difficult and seems to have motivated them to become teachers civil servants (PNS). Their desire is indeed well-founded especially not a few of them serve sudh to tens of years. However, in terms of their age is beyond the limit to become a civil servant.
While for the test CPNS held each year the government can not have him anymore because he has more than 35 years.
What action the government is faced with the problem of education in Indonesia? Of the many teachers who have in more than 70% of teachers are not fixed (GTT) or non-civil servant teachers. This makes the government take a policy specific to rekrutment labor educators, but what with it we can atasi? It is very unlikely the problem is not the welfare of teachers can still overcame, at least, the government must increase the functional benefits of teachers, especially teachers do not stay. By increasing the subsidy does not remain a teacher will help the welfare of teachers who do not keep up at this time has not been picked up, the size of the subsidy should be based on the domicile of teachers are at least living up to the minimal needs of teachers in each region if the region has set a standard of living at least Rp. 500,000.00 then the government should provide subsidy of Rp teachers. 500,000.00. Hopefully fate does not remain a teacher would be better with government policy.


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