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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Masturbation influence on health

Every man who is old enough to experience increased sex drive, especially for those who have sex hormones (libido) high / above average. Both men and women will experience the same thing, only for the brave men and generally more open to women being more closed to Indonesia and is considered pornographic.
In general, the desire to masturbate / masturbation would occur in adolescence, where he began to feel the changes in biological organs. Especially for those who actively read and see the erotic images and even mix with the opposite sex freely.
If they had ever had sex of course it will happen again, even if already at a high level of intensity will be very dangerous for them which can lead to pregnancy outside of marriage. With such habits the sexual desires arise if one day it will be in doing anything to fulfill that desire, what is the result of that habit? spiritual mental course someone will fall.
On one day someone who used to have sex are having difficulty, in which no sex partner and he will make the fulfillment of sexual desires by doing his own good by his own hand or with other tools. I have found no evidence to say that masturbation or masturbation harmful to the body, but a habit that often leads to drop mental actors.
He will feel strange, embarrassed and even inferiority, as well as physical health was the perpetrator will be different from those who do the opposite sex normally. Therefore avoid masturbation or masturbation. OK ...!!


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